A musical narrative about Beethoven

In November in the Cercle Gaulois in Brussels, Jan Caeyers, conductor of Le Concert Olympique, and author of the best- selling work entitled 'Beethoven. Een biografie' [Beethoven: A Biography] narrated seven scintillating stories about Beethoven: moving, exciting, hilarious but also dramatic stories that give the spectator a highly diverse picture of Beethoven’s compelling life. Jan Caeyers also sketched a picture of Vienna, and give a plastic description of the at times difficult relationship that Beethoven had with the aristocrats who supported him.

This stage monologue was musically interwoven with fragments from Beethoven’s Septet in E-flat major op. 20, performed by 7 leading musicians from Le Concert Olympique. As permanent members of the orchestra, they have been familiar with the subtle interpretation and musicality of Beethoven’s work for years.

  • The young Beethoven: a start in Vienna (Adagio – Allegro con brio)
  • Destiny strikes: deafness (Adagio cantabile)
  • Letter to Emilie M. (Bagatelle op. 119 no. 11 piano) 
  • Immortal beloved (Tempo di Menuetto)
  • The revival of Fidelio. The end of an era (Andante con Variazioni)
  • The old Beethoven (Scherzo)
  • Beethoven’s death and the birth of the myth (Andante con moto e vivace - Presto)

LOCATION: Cercle Royal Gaulois, 5 Wetstraat/Rue de la Loi, 1000 Brussels