Orchestra concept

Orchestra concept

Exclusive at all levels

Le Concert Olympique is a Beethoven orchestra: in other words, an orchestra based on the Viennese classical model. The musicians are attuned to perform in the exemplary conditions of the symphonic repertoire of the late 18th and early 19th century, with emphasis on the oeuvre of Ludwig van Beethoven.

A crucial fact is that Le Concert Olympique as an organisation is not a ‘permanent’ orchestra and that this is a very conscious decision, so that it will never lose its energy and sharpness. Several times a year, 45 meticulously selected musicians come together for a limited period to work on an exclusive project that is prepared with thoroughness and then subsequently performed on various stages. Such exclusiveness avoids routine and guarantees an intensive experience and involvement, from both the performers and the audience.

Immerse yourself in our Beethoven experience.