The biography

Thought-provoking Beethoven biography

Jan Caeyers has written down his in-depth vision of Beethoven in the substantial book Beethoven. Een biografie. The book is the result of 20 years of research and 5 years of editing.

The biography was published in 2009 by De Bezige Bij in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and translated into German in 2012 and Hungarian in 2013. The meticulously documented and flamboyantly written book was received with great enthusiasm and is now in its seventh publication.

The relevance of Beethoven for modern times jumps out from each and every one of the more than 600 pages; in fact, on the basis of this portrait, some critics do not hesitate to compare him to a pop musician. The Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung even goes a step further in saying that the biography of a composer is itself transformed into music.

As the book enjoyed an extremely positive reception in Germany - the country of reference when it comes to Beethoven research - , it is now, partially thanks to several new insights and changes of paradigm, recognised worldwide as 'the' Beethoven reference work. Translations into several other languages – such as English and Chinese – are in the pipeline.

The national and international media is also full of praise for this biography: read several reviews here.




Jan Caeyers on his Beethoven biography:

"Writing this biography was a necessary transition into creating a new orchestra: Le Concert Olympique.
But it was more than that. It really was a life experience and I can honestly say that this book changed my life."