The Beethoven biography properly valued

The publication of Beethoven. Een biografie from the pen of Jan Caeyers did not pass unnoticed. After the successful launch in Belgium and the Netherlands, the book also became a success in Germany. Some review excerpts:

Ons Erfdeel [May 2010]

With its 672 pages, it is one of the thickest biographies ever written about Ludwig van Beethoven, the book, published in 2009, “Beethoven. Een biografie” by Jan Caeyers. Furthermore, it's one of the few Beethoven biographies in the Dutch language. And it is no less than a magnum opus... (Emile Wennekes)

NRC 23 [Jan 2010]

Marketing was his “core business”
Beethoven was clearly able to multi-task
Uncomplicated exultation of Beethoven is no longer appropriate. Beethoven has been pulverised. A new and wonderful book unveils aspects of the composer of which little is known. The author even dares to run his Violin Concerto into the ground... (Peter De Bruijn)

De Morgen [30 Dec 2009]

Extreme existential loneliness
In his Beethoven biography, Jan Caeyers pays great attention to the master's financial, social and economic situation. Not infrequently, this is done in a psychologising context, but fortunately Beethoven is much more than that. The amount of information is enormous and, for the most part, the story is captivating... (Stephan Moens)

De Standaard [27 Nov 2009 ]

Beethoven stripped of the myth
Music with a mission. Caeyers leaves romantic fanaticism or scientific dullnes, to other Beethoven experts. He digs up the surprising stories with a great sense of flair. He sketches the local colour and spirit of the time - the new national feeling in Austria, the languishing aristocracy, the Biedermeier period and the fear of innovation which accompanied it - but also Beethoven's entourage and work method... (DS - Letteren)

HUMO [24 Nov 2009]

... Caeyers is a great admirer of Beethoven, but he does not spare his main character. The never-ending money problems, alcoholism, the womanising, and even his brutality: nothing is left out... (bg)

Vrij Nederland [22 Oct 2009]

Spindoctors and one night stands
biography Beethoven as a pop musician
... Let me make it perfectly clear that I think it's a fantastic book and reading gave me a great deal of pleasure... (Maarten 't Hart)

Staalkaart [Oct 2009]

A tour de force. Caeyers is a self-conscious and reflective biographer who pondered over the contradictory scientific material and made his choices. The book is through-composed. Particularly intriguing is that this biography is a composition marching to the beat of its own drums. (Jean-Pierre Rondas)