Beethoven biographer

Jan Caeyers as Beethoven biographer

Throughout his career as a conductor, Jan Caeyers developed an in-depth and fundamental vision of Beethoven's music. In 2003 he decided to invest in a thorough deepening of his vision of Beethoven and to write about it. The result was the rather substantial book Beethoven. Een bigrafie, published in 2009 by De Bezige Bij in Amsterdam. 

The meticulously documented and flamboyantly written book was received with enthusiasm and is now in its seventh publication. The German translation was published in 2012 by C.H. Beck in Munich. As the book enjoyed an extremely positive reception in Germany - the country of reference when it comes to Beethoven research - , it is now, partially thanks to several new insights and changes of paradigm, recognised worldwide as 'the' Beethoven reference work. Several other languages – such as English and Chinese – are in the pipeline.

The publication of the book was, for the author Jan Caeyers, who as conductor was already on the roll of honour of various international orchestras and choirs, the starting point for the creation of a new Beethoven orchestra. Le Concert Olympique was established in the spring of 2010 and performed its first concerts in October 2010. This allowed the orchestra to take maximum advantage of the enormous response the publication of the Beethoven biography had received the year before.

Jan Caeyers's biography was received with great esteem from experts and music lovers. The book was crowned with a literary prize from the Province of Antwerp in February 2013.