Beethoven Expert

Jan Caeyers as Beethoven expert

Jan Caeyers studied musicology and since 1985 he has been teaching as expert and conductor of the Viennese classics at the KU Leuven, the University of Leuven. Jan Caeyers, as Beethoven expert, is also the artistic advisor at Beethoven-Haus in Bonn.

Since his years as a student, Jan Caeyers has combined music science with an artistic career. It has always been his intention to integrate both disciplines into a homogeneous project with Beethoven taking centre stage.

It is for this reason that he created Le Concert Olympique orchestra, which allows him to perform the music of Beethoven at an international top level. In this context he counters mainstream approaches to the traditional symphonic orchestras and chamber orchestras. Furthermore, the intention is also to redefine the phenomena “concert” and “orchestra” so that they can once again be seen as relevant and modern.

Throughout his career as a conductor, Jan Caeyers developed an in-depth and fundamental vision on Beethoven's music. This vision is discussed in detail in his book Beethoven. Een biografie. This enables Jan Caeyers as conductor to perform Beethoven's music in an authentic, relevant, exhilarating and referential fashion.

In November 2010 Klara and Flanders Music Centre proclaimed him ‘Music personality of the year’. In 2014 he received the 'Gulden Spoor' Award for cultural radiance in Bruges.